About The Registry

The Collateral Registry of Sierra Leone is an initiative of the Bank of Sierra Leone or BSL (with support from the World Bank Group) to improve access to finance particularly for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The Collateral Registry, established under Part II of the Borrowers and Lenders Act, is a web based system that allows lenders to search for any prior security interests, as well as establish their security interests over movable assets provided as collateral. The Collateral Registry facilitates the use of movable / personal assets as collateral that may remain in possession or control of the borrowers and thereby improves access to secured finance. Read More..

Search as a Public User

Click on the Search menu tab at the Home page and Select Search from the dropdown list.

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How to make Mobile Payment

Click on the Search Menu tab at the Home page.

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Check Payment Balance

Click on the Search Menu tab at the Home page. At the Main Search page, click on the Payment menu tab.

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The Collateral Registry system holds a number of functionalities for both registered users and public users. The system allows the following online operations:

  • Client Account Registration
  • Registration of Security Interest
  • Processing of Search Requests
  • Ammendment of Security Interest
  • Discharge of Security Interest
  • Generation of Reports